Lasse Matthiessen is a singer and songwriter living in Berlin and Copenhagen.

May 24. 2013 Lasse Matthiessen releases his third album "Carry Me Down" (Solaris Empire/Zpektakel/Broken Silence) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

Here is the story of the record:

"In the summer of 2011, I went to a livingroom-concert in Berlin with my friend Ian.  Since we arrived early, we had time to talk about my most recent album, Dead Man Waltz.  I asked him what he thought of the recording of the song "Oh, Ulysses", which he had heard me perform solo often, but had appeared on the album with a band. He said, "Lasse, ‘Oh, Ulysses’ is a great song, but on this recording it sounds like a fucking christian band!"  While laughing at Ian and his straight-forwardness, I asked him to tell me how he thought it should be recorded. He told me how he’d do it, I liked his idea, and so I said, "well, why don't we record the song together for my next album?".  You’re holding this album in your hand right now, so I guess his answer is obvious.

Several months passed and Ian and I found ourselves at yet another livingroom-concert.  This time it was in Copenhagen at my own apartment.  Ian had invited this Icelandic songwriter named Halla.  As soon as she opened her mouth to sing, Ian and I knew that her voice was exactly what the album needed.  

Another several months passed and the three of us started rehearsing.  I instantly began tailoring the songs I had previously written to fit this new trio.  Conveniently, all the songs that I would write soon after our formation seemed to fit themselves to our constellation of three voices and guitars.

I had always thought about recording an album in a remote and isolated place.  Though Berlin and Copenhagen were the first two logical options of places to record, the crazy thought soon occurred to me that we could go to my friend Anders’ cabin in Norway.  Crazy enough, it happened!

In early March of 2012, somehow we all ended up in a little cabin on the southern coast of Norway.  It was bitter cold and snowing, the harsh Nordic wind was whipping, and just beyond the trees you could hear the waves splashing against the rocky shore.  What better place to record songs of winter, fall, ice, death and broken love?"

Lasse Matthiessen, March 2013


The music of Lasse Matthiessen moves between the coordinates of slowmotion, melancholy, and folk. Often Matthiessen’s music leaves his audience with a slight taste of Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, and Bon Iver - let it be the strumming of a chord or the frasing of a melody. Inspite of the influences, the music of Lasse Matthiessen stays its own. In June 2007 Lasse Matthiessen gave out his debut album Stray Dog on Zpektakel Records.

Lasses album ”Dead Man Waltz” was released on April 27. in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and in Denmark and BeNeLux on September 3. 2012 on the German Berlin based label Solaris Empire  & the Danish Zpektakel Records. Songs from the album has allready been used in German television on the channel ARD.

Music from Lasses debut album “Stray Dog” (2007) has been released in different countries, for instance in Austria on a Universal compilation with, among others, Elliott Smith, Rufus Wainwright, Beirut, Sufjan Stevens and Bright Eyes.

At times, he is sensitive and fragile, at times intense and forceful. The music of Lasse Matthiessen holds a distinct duality – fragility and wildness; a duality that can also be found in his voice. With his lightly melancholy songs, he creates a poetic universe that moves between the coordinates of slow motion, melancholy and sincerity. Lasse’s lyrics are imbued with wanderlust and melancholia and are conceived in a collage of impressions from books, text, others’ conversations, visits to bars and photography.

In 2009, Lasse Matthiessen was named Newcomer of the Year 2009 (songwriter) by the largest radio channel in Berlin, Radio Eins. He lives in Berlin and has been on tour, playing more than 130 concerts in the last three years in Germany, France, Austria, Spain, USA, Norway and the Netherlands, in such venues as Paradiso (Amsterdam), Tempodrom – kleine Arena (Berlin) and La Bellevilloise (Paris).

Lasse plays solo or with his band.