Lasse Matthiessen is a singer and songwriter living in Berlin and Copenhagen.

It is the deeply honest, elevated and bittersweet symphonies that the Danish musician Lasse Matthiessen profoundly and delicately interprets in his powerful and insistent style, with a not rare explosion of expression. A variability with a sense for the essential which is re-emphasised again and again.

Whereas the previous album, “Wildfires”, evokes memories of cinematic rock with a twist of chamber and folk music, the coming EP, to be released in the fall of 2017, holds a way more noisy, poppy and expressive sound.
Matthiessen ventures into new terrain. Seemingly effortlessly, he makes the jump from a minimalist singer/songwriter style to leading a band which demands big instrumental orchestrations. What showed its beginnings in “Wildfires” is now completed to perfection. At the very latest, when the fresh tones of the piano cover the voluminous sound structures like slowly dwindling glitter, the listener realizes that something new and bigger is being uncompromisngly pursued.
In 2017, Lasse Matthiessen will continue touring with his live show. In addition to concerts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia, he will perform in countries like Poland and the Czech Republic, where he has already toured extensively, as well as North America. Whether with full band, as the duo or solo act, Lasse Matthiessen is sincere, authentic and moving. What counts for him is the interaction with his audience – after all, he writes music to share and tell stories.